building a new home
a MYCST timelapse

“Work, Work, Work” available here:

a coastal glimpse
a long, meditative drive coming home from the Oregon coast.

the general consensus: try to stay as young as possible.

sirens of my youth art

sirens of my youth (vocals) art

sirens of my youth (instrumental) art

bosmink beats 5 art

splitting the hair.
[symbolism  >  red balloon  >  the end of a dream.]

happy new years
yeah, real original

wedding bells art

just enough art 2

nomorebells art

dah! art

healing in pink art

centric art animation

self-titled EP promo

Self-titled EP art

*instrumental versions also included on EP

Respect peoples’ opinions with humble skepticism.

For over a year, we’ve been exercising Music You Can Swim To for ourselves, drip-feeding it through our still breathing art blog – no social media, no gimmicks, no “Like”’s – just a total balls in the wind passion project. However, with an initial release marking a transitional point in our development, we want to connect with the community wherever and however we can. This first official self-titled EP is the introduction of MYCST and its philosophies into the music community.

Without the headaches and unnecessary hassle of traditional recording styles, this EP is full of all of those raw, sincere imperfections and hazy moments of the creative process. Each piece represents our passion for capturing what is real. We embrace spontaneity, but also appreciate refinement – a healthy balance of suffering and wonder.

Our campaign philosophy; be real and be simple. Understand that maybe it’ll be shared, and maybe it won’t – with absolutely no expectations.

This EP was inspired by learning from your roots, your mistakes and the conscious yet unconscious feelings where humans begin to experience wonder. At this crux is where you find the animal side of your mind. Instinct is everywhere.

Submerge yourself and get lost trying to find it.

barely exist (live in the living room)

a nice piece for you to zen out to.

green cathedral art