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Slip this one into your stocking.


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Burn it away. I just can’t see it.

Always there. Like a splinter.

Never subsiding. Only sinking. Deep into subconsciousness.

A dangerous place. Where all of my deepest fears collide and give way to new coping mechanisms. They teach me how to lie to myself and push the negatives aside.

And now there is nothing but joy.

But something is missing, as if I’m no longer myself. Like I’m only half of what I should be.

As if the spectrum of life suddenly became one color.

Maybe there’s more to life than goodness. Maybe evolution had all kinds of emotions in mind for proper functionality of our brains.

Many people claim to have the answer. Many people try their best to ignore. But life continually presents itself in all kinds of ways.

It’s when you fall off your bike, then start wearing a helmet.


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“Enlightenment is not imagining figures of light but making the darkness conscious.” – Carl Jung

The most beautiful thing about sharing a musical canvas is the insight into a different world of thought. A great collaboration is like having a stimulating conversation, where both parties are always enthralled by what they have to say. In this exchange, Ichion had a track of ambient, glitchy sounds for which he specializes in. I used that energy – the swells of glass-textured sound waves, the prickling static – and wrote a melody and lyrics that were appropriate for both the music and song title.

“Theravada”, the song title, is a devout school of Buddhism drawing its teachings from the earliest record of such knowledge. When first listening to Ichion’s initial track, I couldn’t help but recognize the constant droning of a low frequency. My guess was that it was Ichion’s intent to reference Buddhist chanting, such as the OM mantra. The first who used this kind of meditation must have been aware of its physiological effects on the body. According to Ajay Anil Gurjar and Siddharth A. Ladhake’s journal on “Time-Frequency Analysis of Chanting Sanskrit Divine Sound “OM” Mantra”, they state that “Mantra is intrinsically related to sound and sound is reverberating in everything in this universe. A Mantra is a sound repeated over and over until it integrates into our consciousness – frees the mind from its constant doing, and elevates us to an altered state of awareness.” In other words, frequency is the catalyst of our world, so how could it not affect our body?

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the song’s meaning remaining ever-present, the footage you see here was shot in the spirit of travel. in our everyday lives, we hardly take into account the specific details of our surroundings; when we wake up, where we drink our coffee, our routine drive to work. when we lose someone, those details suddenly reveal themselves as if they had been waving at us the whole time. this video was made using an iPhone and Nikon D3200.

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Like Darkness Needs the Light artwork5 (small)



we believe each piece is greater than the whole. every song on this LP is a separate endeavor, inspired by different things during different times in our lives. we’ve always felt that the emotional power music can give to anyone starts with just one moment. this is the motivation for why we strive for wonder in everything we do. it’s when our subconscious is ensnared and makes us feel connected to something huge. “Like Darkness Needs the Light”, taken from a song on the album, references the harmonious contrast between what makes us laugh and what makes us cry; our fear of death and our fear of life; our love of truth and our need to lie.


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The Eidéponmyg Series is a set of the 3 of our interpretations of pieces titled “Gymnopédie” by Erik Satie, made in 1888. The pieces defied what was expected of most classical musicians of that day – something we were greatly inspired by. we then decided to add our own twist.