let’s not forget that we’re all in this together.

swing low art

the “Swing Low” series is an interpretation of Wallace Willis’ compositional and lyrical work, “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”. Willis’ original inspiration was the long, hard, unfair workload and ill-treatment of African-American slaves across America – giving hope that one day, the pain and suffering would be over. tremendous respect should be given to concepts such as these to help us appreciate what we have.

this series was originally interpreted for a documentary outlining recent political and economic movements that cut out African-American-dominant communities in Benton Harbor, Michigan. for the sake of a shiny, beautiful new golf course, residents in Benton Harbor were manipulatively and economically forced from their homes to make room for condos for wealthy vacationers. a low swing indeed.

the “Swing Low (Hypocrite Theme)” is actually an interpretation of “Summertime” by George Gershwin, though we felt it was best suited for the project’s concept and goals. we deeply hope these pieces serve as inspiration and help bring awareness to the ongoing injustice.

it’s difficult to be visible when the train you’re supposed to be on left 10 minutes ago.

family time art

artwork by the incredibly talented Duck Feeding Association. Look at their other artwork here: websta.me/n/dfassn

building a new home
a MYCST timelapse

“Work, Work, Work” available here:

a coastal glimpse
a long, meditative drive coming home from the Oregon coast.

the general consensus: try to stay as young as possible.

sirens of my youth art

sirens of my youth (vocals) art

sirens of my youth (instrumental) art

bosmink beats 5 art